The San Antonio-Mexico Friendship Council was established in 1996 as a non-profit corporation dedicated to strengthening and promoting the cultural and historical ties shared by the citizens of San Antonio and Mexico. The council hosts charitable, cultural, educational and literary events. The Grossman-Sada Endowment Fund was established to benefit the San Antonio-Mexico Foundation for Education and is administered by the San Antonio Area Foundation. The San Antonio-Mexico Friendship Council’s (SAMFCO) history dates back to 1995 when the Consul General of Mexico in San Antonio saw the need to renew the official “Grito” ceremony on the 15th of September, a tradition that had been discontinued over the years.  To accomplish this, the Consul General sought the support of local civic and cultural leaders.  Together they revived the tradition of the “Grito” ceremony on September 15, 1996.



The San Antonio-Mexico Friendship Council (SAMFCO) has its historical roots in the 1960’s when Henry Guerra, WOAI radio personality and historian, recognized the need to preserve San Antonio’s history and ties with Mexico. He initiated a committee called the “Mexican American Friendship Committee” that would solicit donations and arranged with the Mexican Consulate to have the official “Grito” Ceremony on the 15th of September every year at the Mexican Consulate. Over time the Friendship Committee became inactive. In 1995, the new Consul General of Mexico in San Antonio, Carlos Sada, saw the need to reactivate this celebration. He sought the assistance of Veronica Salazar Escobedo, and together they obtained the necessary donations and commemorated the “Grito” Ceremony on September 15, 1996 at Municipal Auditorium. It became apparent to both of them that they needed a formal organization. The San Antonio-Mexico Friendship Council (SAMFCO) was formed as a 50l(c)(3) non-profit corporation on October 31, 1996.




 SAMFCO’s board is comprised of San Antonio civic, governmental, cultural, educational and business leaders from both the United States and Mexico.  The Consul General of Mexico serves as the Honorary Chairman of SAMFCO during his/her tenure in San Antonio. Since its inception, SAMFCO has been very fortunate to have the leadership of the following Mexican government officials. SAMFCO’s Board of Directors is composed of representatives from the San Antonio community, the Consul General of Mexico, the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara and the Director of the North American Development Bank. The Board funds and participates in the civic ceremonies and educational activities that recognize the important events in Mexican history.








Reyna Torres Mendivil

Honorary Chairman

Juan Antonio Flores


Shahrzad (Sherry) Dowlatshahi

Vice President


Yvette González


Laura Cortez


Cecilia Elizondo Herrera

Past President

 Frances Ortiz Schultschik

Immediate Past President





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